4 definitions by Cater

A very twitchy man that is used as a tool for sex in jail.
"Hey you bitch twitch, stop twitchin and get working me."
by Cater June 23, 2006
Pissoke is a practicle joke that is played on a person which is Pissing in the persons coke and having him drink it with out him knowing.
"Fuck this coke tastes like shit." person1
by Cater June 24, 2006
To be in the army, and is the word that is yelled to make all the soldiers preteend they are having sex with each other.
"Everyone its time for field fun!"soldier1
by Cater June 24, 2006
To have sexual relations with a twit. A person who is unknowledgeable of everything.
"Hey hunnie want to fuck me?" Sexy Female1
"DUHH WHAT?!" twit
"oooo I like you, this will be some fun twit sex ill be having". Sexy Female1
by Cater June 24, 2006

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