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When you meet an old man who you wish was your grandpa.
Old Man- Have some money. (:

Young Person- Thanks!

by Catbasket August 10, 2010

Followed by blocking on MSN.
Person 1- Hi, I have to tell you something really important,

Person 2- Can we finish this discussion another time?

Person 1- Sure.

by Catbasket August 10, 2010
A type of sexiness found in men. Similar to "the boy next door" or the sexiness of a male friend that you're really close with. Basically, this type of sexiness applies best to Jake Gyllenhaal.
Tessa- Jake Gyllenhaal is sexy in a brother kind of way.
Dakota/ Alex- YES MA'AM!
by Catbasket January 21, 2011
When someone is rude and/or mean to someone else, not once, but twice in a row.
Alex- Your artwork sucks. And your cookies are as bad as a man period.

by Catbasket November 05, 2010

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