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A nice little parochial school in the Philly metro area. Holy Name is a great place. Yes, there are the occasional Holy-Name girl "sluts" and maybe some girls there are plastic, (fake) blonde wanna-be barbies but at least everyone gets along pretty well. There aren't really many cliques or "popular group"..there are just people who think they are better than everyone else.

Since the class sizes are small, its easier for everyone to bond and get a better education. There are plenty of fun events like Spirit Week and Blue and Gold games. Most of the kids that go there are very diverse when it comes to money and style. During frees you can see the preppy blonde girl working and laughing with one of the dark artsy girls.

The boys can be a bit sleazy, but most guys are!

Okay, there are a LOT of rich families, but I'm sure that just as many people get scholarships and financial aid that was probably given by rich alumni. The carpool line contains Saabs and Nissans AS WELL as Mercedes and Lexus.

Friendships here are strong and are made stronger by the fact that everyone at HN is super freindly and outgoing. We have the most spirit and fun out of anyone in the archdiocease!

All the friends I have made here have changed my life and been nothing but accepting. They take me for my crazy self and nothing less! Nevermind that girl in the corner with the orange tan and nose job.
Holy Name is an amazing school.
by Catagirl August 31, 2005
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