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little bunny ears made with the fingers that indicate that:
1) you're quoting someone else
2) you're being sarcastic
3) you still think the "la-sers" thing from austin powers is funny.
'hey look guys! he's got a "la-ser"!! hahaha! ain't that great!!!'
by Catachresis June 04, 2004
the act of spying a fine specimen of the fairer sex undressing without having first closed the curtains.
"hey man, come here and look over the road... serious windows update!"
by Catachresis June 04, 2004
a legendary fictional land, created by the great author c.s. lewis, in which the most amazing sandwiches in the world exist. a popular Sarnia series of books was created, including "The Lion, The Witch and the Awesome Bacon and Chicken Salad Sarnie"
"...Aslan, King of Sarnia, turned to Peter. 'Always remember to wipe your knife, Peter'..."
by Catachresis June 06, 2004

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