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When a male is engaging in anal sex with a female and right before he pulls his cock out he punches her on the ass causing her to tighten her ass muscles so he can pull it out with no shit residue on his penis. It comes out sparkling clean like a shining sword just returned from a high intensity battle.
Lonnie: I pulled the good old fashioned "shining sword" maneuver on my bitch last night when I was ass fucking her because I didnt want any shit stains on my cock.

Rory: Ahh the good old shining sword, thats the oldest trick in the book.
by CatCity Mike May 14, 2011
Shortened name for Cathedral City, the city where any real down ass nigga is from. Also commonly referred to on the streets as "Gat City" and more famously known as the birth place for the slang word "Thdunny."
I aint a Palm Springs pussy, Im a down ass beer drinking, weed smoking, gun bustin Cat City type of nigga, do something about it Thdunny.
by CatCity Mike May 14, 2011

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