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a boyfriend that carries a rough self-made image eg. tattos, lots of language, typically a frequent physical bar fighter that wins everytime, BUT cries and whines in a high pitched squeaky pleading manner. Closet emotional wreck and tends to beg his woman with this whiny behavior, especially not to kick him out for drinking and or drugging too much, or simple request for space. I think it's a play on the cartoon Courage the Cowardly Dog. In these incidences where the term is used, no one saves the day, especially not Courage (the dude)
"Look, Courage(the dude)has no where to go and is on his hands and knees begging her not to kick him out. He's drunk and kicked 3 guy asses at once at the bar. Guess he's not so tough anymore"
by Cat27mouse June 16, 2007
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