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1. Any one of a race of amazing girls bearing the given name Tessa who enjoy Sleeping, Not doing homework, Staying up late for no reason, Dancing, Flirting, Rainbow Alliance (on occasion) Cuddles, Hugs, Being Old, Worrying, Military Men, Hippies and/or Hippie ish guys.
2. An amazingly beautiful woman who posseses extreme knowledge, yet lacks the ability to spell.
3. A person who subscribes to the theory that dirt and germs are the same thing (also known as the dirt=germs theory)
4. A female who is two awesome to be allowed to belong to any one man, and is therefore, according to all formally known boy code, stuck in the "friend zone"
5. The most awesome best friend a girl could ask for (after you go through the 3 year test period, consisting of being told that your parents dont love you...)
I loveses my tessakins!
by Cat039 December 05, 2008
Rocking one's shit is a term used when someone is looking particularly attractive. Usually when they're wearing something that makes them feel or seem more attractive. However, it can be used for someone who simply looks uncharacteristicly good by some random unintentional force
Forms of "Rocking One's Shit":

"I totally feel like I'm rocking my shit today."

"Dude, Amber is totally rocking her shit! Did you see that outfit?"

"That guy is SO picky. You need to seriously rock your shit if you want a chance with him."
by Cat039 April 30, 2009

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