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Plain and simple; a more emphatic way of describing the attitude, condition, health and ignorance of the Negro race, a pathetic people we all know as Stone Age primitives trying to catch up in human evolution while ruining everything they come in contact with during the process, exhibiting a bad attitude accentuated by their stupidity.
You lousy niggers !
What a bunch of lousy niggers !
The lousy niggers were at it again.
There's nothing there but lousy niggers.
This place is loaded with lousy niggers.
Well, they're lousy niggers.
What did you expect from lousy niggers ?
by Casual observer December 21, 2013
A girl who is really good at giving head, and is skilled in the art of giving maxium pleasure during oral sex.
The best kind of doctor is a dome doctor.
by Casual Observer September 26, 2005
Someone (usually a female) who is both incredibly adept and experianced in the art of fellatio. To be a true Dome doctor, the sujbect in question must be so good at giving blow jobs that they might have gone through several years of college to earn a degree in the skill. Only the very best cocksuckers get this coveted title.
Damn Jeanne-Marie, when it comes to sucking cock, you're one hell of a Dome Doctor!
by Casual Observer September 26, 2005

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