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A descriptive and somewhat jovial term, pertaining to the nether parts of a female's genitalia. Affords discretion, if used properly, and so has somewhat of an advantage over other nouns for similar anatomical areas. The term "meat drawer" can be comfortably used in polite company.
"Here you go, this will fit nicely in your meat drawer"
by Cassy1234 August 09, 2006
A very good name for that guy in the pub you ll meet sometimes, late in the night towards close. He ll be the one who responds without humour to a friendly "Whassup Dawg?". He may in fact query "what kind of of dog am I then, maaaate?". He may in fact ask you that same question, many, many times.......He may follow you around, constantly trying to find out what kind of dog he in fact is. He ll stand very close, and speak very loudly.

The best course to take, is to pause, even take a few days to consider his query.

After the opportunity has completely passed, use the sample answer below, earning months of future derision from your so-called friends.
"Well, since you keep asking actually you're a shit-dog"
by Cassy1234 August 09, 2006

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