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Comeback used to disrespect someone elses mother.
Luke the up himself white guy: Mary you fat fuck.
Mary: Um excuse me, do i look like your momma?
by Cassie Thompson February 17, 2005
The fluffy, foam-like covers on headphones.
(Also spelled as "muffies")
"Aw, my muffy tore."
"These muffys makes my ears itch."
by Cassie Thompson June 14, 2006
Someone that turns you on even though you have a boyfriend. Fuckin smart. Has a maroon and white hankee.
Becky to Amanda: Oh my god check out that hot guy!
Amanda to becky: You little slut, you already have a boyfriend.
Becky to Amanda: Yea but he is soo malcom richardson.
by Cassie Thompson February 17, 2005
Sweet treats often purchased at a supermarket or dairy.
Bob to Mark: O can i please have some of your testicles?
Mark to Bob: Sure man what are friends for?
by Cassie Thompson February 17, 2005

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