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4 definitions by Cassie Thompson

Comeback used to disrespect someone elses mother.
Luke the up himself white guy: Mary you fat fuck.
Mary: Um excuse me, do i look like your momma?
by Cassie Thompson February 17, 2005
14 6
The fluffy, foam-like covers on headphones.
(Also spelled as "muffies")
"Aw, my muffy tore."
"These muffys makes my ears itch."
by Cassie Thompson June 14, 2006
6 3
Someone that turns you on even though you have a boyfriend. Fuckin smart. Has a maroon and white hankee.
Becky to Amanda: Oh my god check out that hot guy!
Amanda to becky: You little slut, you already have a boyfriend.
Becky to Amanda: Yea but he is soo malcom richardson.
by Cassie Thompson February 17, 2005
4 5
Sweet treats often purchased at a supermarket or dairy.
Bob to Mark: O can i please have some of your testicles?
Mark to Bob: Sure man what are friends for?
by Cassie Thompson February 17, 2005
30 87