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70's term adapted from used cars,Easy target for sale of used car, sale of uesd car to customer with no idea, customer with little knowledge,
"Get a load of this wood duck"!
"This woody has no idea"
"I slammed a wood duck into this deal"
by Cassar November 16, 2006
Having an advantage over the competition, 60's muscle car term.
"I've got the wood all over that guys Chevy"
"That car has got the wood all over the competition"
by Cassar November 16, 2006
70's Auto slang, for anything that looks or feels fantastic, gives a real or imaginary stimulus.
"check out that horn set of wheels"
"Jonno's got a Horn Mrs"
"That womans got the Horn-est set of legs!"
"How did it go? It went Fucking Horn!
"That woman gives me a horn"
by Cassar November 17, 2006
gaining unfair advantage in form of deception
"Fuck over"
"That dude tried to short shift me"
"I short shifted jimmy by telling his client i was him"
"I caught her out lying so i short shifted her with her best friend"
by Cassar November 17, 2006

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