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A place where magical things happens. A place where all of your dreams come true... from pedophiliac behavior to downright ghettoness, HTH has it all. From skirts that actually stop at the waist instead of above the knee to sex-crazed girls waiting to be knocked up. HTH definitely has it all. It's a place where dirty old men stare down girls' shirts, where young teachers have sex with each other all day long and where perverted freshman boys can actually get whats left of some endangered beautiful junior girls. It sure is a great place to be. Where all the students are staunch democrats even though we voted for a rightwing conservative republican who will surely bring us back to the pilgrim days. HTH is a fabulous place. Where the acronym TPOL actually means Touching Pussies of Lesbians and not transitional presentations of learning. Where the students are so dumb that they smoke weed in the bathroom instead of outside of schoolgrounds. Surely, HTH is a wonderful place. A place that will stay in all of our hearts. Even though they reek of incestual inbreeding.
Hai Tek Hai is full of vaginal discharges.
by Cassandra Van Rooyen June 01, 2004
A particularly lovely squirt bottle that a bitch jams up her cooch to get rid of a) the smell of rotten goat testicles and b) the remnants of last night's man-whore
See also: Connie Coochface
by Cassandra Van Rooyen June 01, 2004
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