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A person who pretends they are someone else via text message. For instance: Picking up your boyfriend's cell phone and texting someone from his phone, as if you ARE the boyfriend.

Responding to a text message that wasn't meant for you as if you are the person it was meant for.
I thought I was texting Jim last night, but I found out it was actually Sally. What a textersonator, I'll never trust her again.
by Cassam September 04, 2010
When a couple has interchangeable phones, so you never know which one of them you are talking (texting) to. Telling people that one phone number is theirs and then switching phones with the other person so that no one ever knows how to get ahold of them. Often combined with textersonator tactics, making it nearly impossible to know who you are texting.
So, I thought I was texting Jim last night, but then Sally said it was her phone, and that Sally's phone number was now Jim's....I'm so confused, Jim's a cellphoney.
by Cassam September 05, 2010

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