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Can be used instead of risky. You usually say it while joking around, imitating someone, or complimenting someone.

"Man, she's so ris-kay!"
by Cass H January 09, 2006
A lurker is the female version of a creeper. Lurkers are girls that are weird, odd, or anti-social. They almost never like attention on themselves, and are usually creepily quiet. They can sometimes be stalkers.
'Look at that lurker...'
'Yeah, she's been around quiet a bit lately.'
by Cass H January 09, 2006
A guy that is weird. He is usually quite out of the ordinary, in both the way he speaks and the way he looks. He usually doesn't have very many friends, and is always in the backround when something happens.
That guy is such a creeper.
by Cass H January 09, 2006

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