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to perform a vigorous sexual thrashing on someone, causing them to sleep for an unspecified amount of time, sometimes resulting in some short term memory loss.
"I wanna put my fingers thru your hair
Wrap me up in your legs
And love you till your eyes roll back
I'm tryin to put you to bed..."---"bed" by J. Holiday
by Casper Whitaker September 06, 2007
a woman so good at fellatio that she can will u to do her bidding, e.g. performs Hedi mind tricks
That bitch Kelly is a Hedi, she sucked my dick, then told me i wanted to buy her some shit...and i did it, cuz it was that good
by casper whitaker January 19, 2007
when someone tells you they're comin' over but NEVER show up an leave you waiting 4 eva
man tony posed 2 b cumn thru wit the beer an bitches n a hr... Fuck no!...you kno tony ass aint comin'! He finna have us on a wild goose wait!
by casper whitaker January 06, 2010

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