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Post Scriptum
When you want to add something to a letter, at the bottom.
When you want to add multiple Post scriptums:
P.S: "add text here"
P.S.S: "add text here"
P.S.S.S: "add text here"
P.S: "I've recieved your pictures and i loved them"
by Casman May 23, 2004
Phrase you use to show your melancholy when you and your friends dig up fun stories about things they did in the past
Q: "Do you remember our last year in high school, you know, when you were with Suzy" A: "Yip, those were the days.."
by Casman May 23, 2004
Worthless excuse, hiding you were to lazy to do what you were supposed to do.
Teacher: "Where's your homework?" Pupil: "The dog ate it"
by Casman May 23, 2004

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