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When you are masturbating under a blanket or in a sleeping bag and when you begin to orgasm you frantically claw your way out.
Mom: What are you doing son!?

Dad: Don't worry honey, it's just a gasp for cum
by Caseyds620 November 03, 2010
A night where you literally alternate between YouTube, porn, and urban dictionary thinking of new words to post. Most common in people ages 13-27.

This can occour any day, but usually occurs on a Saturday. By the end of the night, several words may have been submitted to urban dictionary, youve seen all 3 parts of the excited auto tune dog videos, and your dick is sore from masturbating.

But then you find yourself with published words making it all worth while

This can eventually lead to crazieness, boredom, writers block, genital warts, and even midnight cravings.

Although it has harmful effects, it can also be a lot of fun, and is best when only done once to twice a week. This often leads to pouring your hearts into a word, and often the word is destroyed instantaneously in front of yo, but you do it because it makes you happy.
(guy 1 curled up in corner shaking)

Guy 2: What happened to you?

Guy 1: whole...night....masturbating...YouTube...urban dictionary.

Guy 2: oh so you had a Night Of Vision, And Submission.
by Caseyds620 January 22, 2011
A codeword for cocaine.
Kid 1: Those don't look like regular cookies.

Kid 2: My dad said they are called sugar coakies! I can't stop eating them.
by Caseyds620 January 28, 2011
When you are walking past two or more people having a conversation, and not knowing the context, often perceive it as inappropriate or funny.
(Man walks by)

Guy 1: Yeah she's really taking it hard.

Guy2: yeah it sounds like all that vibration is killing her bones.

Man 1: That's a drive-by conversation if I ever seen one.
by Caseyds620 January 24, 2011
When you begin thinking dirty or inappropriate thoughts and you fall under the impression that somebody is reading your mind, and are disgusted at you.

This emotion is usually triggered from a dirty look, or a que, but usually it is actually made up to scare yourself.

Symtoms include:
High blood pressure
Awkward boner
Emotional eating

Your mom doing yoga
Thinking about your dog and peanut butter at the same time
Parents going through divorce

Going to the bathroom for a few minutes
Go into room and play loud music
Play old computer games
Dream about owning a big ass chain
Bullet to the brain
Guy 1: the other day, my best friend took her top off in class when the teacher wasn't looking, and when I got home I sware my stepdad was reading my mind.

Guy 2: sounds like you became a victim of a mind scare.

Guy 1: is there any treatment?

Guy 2: I think the best course of action is a bullet to the brain.
by Caseyds620 January 22, 2011
When a pimp finds his hoe shot up on the street and takes them home. He has the technology to rebuild her, faster, stronger, and most importantly, lots and lots of faux fur....
Pimp: My Hoetotype is finally complete!
by Caseyds620 December 23, 2010
When you hear a song you like on the radio or mp3 player, and you adjust the bass, fader, treble, fader and balance to het it just right, but as soon as you finish the song is over and the process repeats.
Joe: What the he'll man! Your pull in a radio fidget!
by Caseyds620 September 02, 2010

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