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Generally used to discribe a female. A swamp face is someone that has a face not even a mother could love. this cannot describe someone with just acne or a unibrow it has to refer to many problems and/or blemishes. if you can't look at this person's face without laughing or vomiting you've met a Swamp Face.
Wow that bitch is a swamp face. Look, every one in the room is puking.
by Casey114 May 26, 2007
a girl with an ass that is kind of unattractive but you can't stop starring at it. And later when you think back to the event you find yourself puzzled as to why you looked at it for so long.
Damn, that was a puzzle butt.
by Casey114 May 26, 2007
"sh it fay s"
a person whom nobody likes. Possibly an arrogant person, or someone who is a loud mouth and pisses people off. also look up asshole, and/or cock sucker.

Wow John is being a shit face tonight. Who crawled up his ass and died?
by Casey114 May 26, 2007
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