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A very beautiful city located 40 minutes outside of new york. If you have ever been to stamford you most likely went to the stamford mall where you can find a widespread variety of people....guidos, albanians, emos, gangbangers, and illegals. Stamford consists of many different areas which are all worthless. There are many activities in stamford you can do for fun such as go to a "banger" where you can trash some random kids house and loot his/her mom's jewlery. Another thing to do for fun is to fight. You will fight at all times over anything such as a dirty look, someone checks out your "bitch", or even because someone says hello to you the wrong way. The final thing there is to do in stamford is to chill in "the square". In "the square" you will find the most worthless people partaking in activities such as shooting up heroine, smoking blunts, stabbing people, or smoking cigarets. The style in stamford consists of ed hardy, abercrombie, true religion jeans, air force ones, southpole, ecko, or just any clothes you can find at the stamford mall. Also most of the kids have blowouts and with hair gel and spiked up hair. As you can see Stamford is the prime place to live for any guido fuck, albanian shit, gangbanger, or straight up misfit.
Stamford is the best around!
by Casey Toth August 24, 2008

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