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2 definitions by Casey Poivre

The (usually sarcastic) celebration of the philistine ideals of low-brow, materialistic culture over the "highly overrated' ideals of an intellectually curious, artistically creative one.
My knuckledragger boyfriend is so perfect for me. I especially love his philistine-tastic pea brain. It's his second best feature.
by Casey Poivre January 11, 2011
When perception of preferential treatment of the affluent classes results in an inflammation of social tension sufficient to bring about an upheaval or backlash of the unspoken status quo between the classes from below. When the preferential treatment is based on race and not capitalism, such an uprising is a matter of humanity and social justice. When it is not racial, it is usually rooted in socialism.
ConEd employee #1: If we don't restore power to New Rochelle and Mount Vernon before Pelham, we'll have a ghetto uprising. Everyone knows that Pelham is white.

ConEd employee #2: That'll just be a race war. A ghetto uprising is class warfare. You're thinking of what would happen if we restored power to the Village before the Upper East Side.
by Casey Poivre February 20, 2011