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a NOUN, a general reference used in place of something that is savory or desirable, something sick or something that has some hunion
"Hey Ralph, nice dirtbike, where'd you pick up that bad larry"

"It just got a new exhaust for my truck, that bad larry is LOUD"
by Casey O'Hara December 25, 2004
A term originated by Juff Tardy. A verb: to light them up, especially tires. Stems from Smoke 'Em.
"Stop being such a pussy, why dont you 'moke 'em"

"Do you wanna go to 'Moke 'Em fest '94?"
by Casey O'Hara January 01, 2005
The standard unit of measurement for power (specifically in cars, boats, snowmobiles, etc..) in New Hampshire.

Horsepower is overpronounced
"It's got too much husspowa"

"That car is pussy, s'got no husspowa"

extraneous: "Your mom has tons of husspowa"
by Casey O'Hara November 27, 2004
To exhibit Hunion or Husspowa

To accelerate very fast.
"My truck shits-en-gits"

"After the cops come you better shit-en-git"
by Casey O'Hara November 27, 2004
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