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A general term of oppobrium; slang insult.
Literally: the squirt ie ejaculate from a poon ie vagina; a woman's cum.

Jojo: "Wow, you really suck at this game!"
Dan: "Oh shut up you poonsquirt!"
by Casey Jo November 13, 2005
Esoteric greeting used to confuse peers; first used in Sheffield (apparently), used by students as part of their drunken counter-culture in the 21st-century. Not to be confused with bong or any other cannabis-related material.
Jared: "Bongalor my friend!"
Jojo: "Oh hey!"
Nim: "What's he on about?"
Older person: "Students. Pfft"
by Casey Jo January 28, 2006
To check out, or look at members of the opposite sex; part of the teenage mating ritual; to look and lust over another human
Look! Those boys are witnessing us!
by Casey Jo June 15, 2003

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