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To complain about worthless things. To try to cheat or swindle by sticking one's finger into the anus of another. The methods of complaining only consist of listening to oneself talk, or writing a long ass letter. Carneying is looked down upon by most cultures, and has even been known to get kids expelled.
Man, he really carneyed his way out of that mess.
by Casey Hungsowell April 02, 2007
A form of human that is unaffected by any sort of spear/bullet. This is a rare human being, but if you can find one, cut off the left big toe! It will bring you good luck for ever and ever, and give you 5 minutes of invulnerabilty at any time u need. One of several ways to spot a carney is to look for the tiny penis bouncing around between its legs, with a wild Rachel chasing it.
I wish my Carney toe would have came with 6 minutes of invulnerability
by Casey Hungsowell April 01, 2007

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