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4 definitions by Casey Comendant

N. Noun. To escape the current situation, task or subject by inadvertantly partaking in abscent minded activities or conversation as to seem too busy to be bothered with the required task or situation. See procrastination.
You boys quit pussy foot'n 'round and git back to werk before I put my foot up yer ass!
by Casey Comendant July 07, 2005
The rapid conspiring of all things web related.
Hyperspire new ways to eleminate spam, or hyperspiring to order some new shoes online. One may hyperspire to chat with hot babes online all day.
by Casey Comendant March 03, 2008
Referring to any (usually temporary) solution or workaround involving the abrupt use of a blunt instrument or hasty approach.
It was a hammerfix to say the least, but the bug in the accounting software no longer throws an exception when the user enters his identification sequence.
by Casey Comendant March 27, 2008
One who makes a living by coding software.
Expert codesman at your service!
by Casey Comendant March 27, 2008