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Large Flabs of fat found on males in the chest area
Chris wants man boobies
by Casedawg December 19, 2003
1. A bucket of dirt or for dirt
2. A very dirty person(needs bath)
3. A very dirty person(sick perv)
1. Wheres my dirt bucket?
2. You're such a dirt bucket Chris!
3. Josh, you're a dirt bucket
by Casedawg December 19, 2003
A tuba player that can play really well and nows how to dance and get down at the football games while playing, see krunkerdunkerkrucialness
Casedawg is a Krunk Tubist
by Casedawg December 19, 2003
Meaning the same as crucialness except to a higher extream
Casedawg has the Krunkerdunkerkrucialness
by Casedawg December 19, 2003
A bucket that douche and douche bag lovers use. They feel the bag was to small so now they have upgraded to Douche bucket!
Did you drink what was in my douche bucket . . . ALL OF IT!!! YOU SICK F**KER
by Casedawg December 06, 2003
1. A stick for Corn
2. A person who likes to play gameboy and eat corn at the same time
1. Josh where are the corn sticks? . . . thats not what there for . . . THATS SICK!!
2. Chris, why are you such a corn stick?
by Casedawg December 19, 2003
a bar for fruit and juice, it is also an inside joke between Liz and Karen
hey lets go to the fruit and juice bar
by Casedawg December 19, 2003

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