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4 definitions by CaseDog

when 2 males approach a woman with their heads bopping to one side and asking each other " You? Me? You? Me? " Then repeatably hip thrusting against the girl while she is in the middle of the 2.
Hey! do you wanna go dancing tonight?

If we are going dancing, we are definitely Roxburrying someone
by CaseDog January 20, 2010

A male or female who is observed from a distance and their face can not be made out but it seems to be that they are hot.
You see that chick sitting over there on the other side of the room? She is HALD.
by CaseDog January 18, 2010
The act of placing a napkin under the lid of a salt shaker, screwing the cap on, and tearing the edges off so it looks like a regular saltshaker, and watching people try to get salt with no success..

similar to cock-blocking but with salt, not cock.
Guy 1- Dude don't get salt out of the saltshaker on the left side of the aisle.

Guy 2- Why?

Guy 1- We are salt-blocking the entire lunch line.

Guy 2- Damn thats awesome, lets watch.
by CaseDog March 03, 2010
When a person is offered a high five and refuses to give it and a fellow person grabs said person's hand and gives the man offering a high five a high five.
High five?


(man walks by and sees the struggle and grabs the man's hand and gives the high five )

Assisted Five! I'll take it
by CaseDog January 20, 2010