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1 definition by Cascia '09

"School for abercrombie wearing wannabes who are full of insecurity and wish their uppity parents sent them to Kelley"

1.I hate abercrombie
2.who do we want to be exactly?
3.Of course it's full of insecurity, its full of teenagers what do you expect?!?!?
4."Uppity parents" that pisses me off because I know alot of people whose parents have to work really hard to send then to Cascia
5.Most people had the choice of where they wanted to go to school. Also I kno alot of cool people who go to Kelley and you are giving then a bad name.

Blazers aren't optional and we live for the days we don't have to wear them.

and Holland Hall can keep beating us in football for all I care
It wants an example of Cascia Hall, what should I do send a picture or something?
by Cascia '09 July 07, 2006