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5 definitions by Casa

The Blurta is another name for ones anus.
If you dont shut up, I'm going to ram this ruler up your blurta.
by casa August 21, 2005
A small portion of faeces.
I left a little nurry in my dacks.
by casa September 02, 2008
Giri is short for 'giririsss', commonly known to many as someone who pikes from everything. A giri will agree to meet someone/somewhere, and not show up, thus piking.
you: Hey giri, wanna come over?
giri: sure, meet you at 2pm?
you: cool, cya then!
giri doesnt turn up at all.
you: oh well, i shouldnt of trusted giri showing up!
by casa January 30, 2005
SI unit of stonedness. Measured in bowls per kilogram. Other measures include Degree of Funny, LD %50 level, and Degree of Cuntitude.
"Dude, your stonetitude is absoluetly ridiculous!"
by Casa January 15, 2005
A bear, a wolf, a fruit (real or imaginary). Shabba describes both the act of and the product used to chew dipping tobacco.
"Dude, do you wanna go shabba?"
"Shaba-dabba-do, I love you!"
by Casa January 31, 2005