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Hairy snatch, vagina or pussy
Dude, pass the floss. I had me some bearded clam last night.
by Cary the B May 08, 2006
The little strip of pubic hair above the vagina. Forms a run way to the promised land
While muff diving I followed th run way to the promised land.
by Cary the B May 08, 2006
Butt cheecks that are covered with a sticky substance, usually honey, beer, or spooge
This girl I picked up passed out on my so I needed to relieve some pressure and jerked off on her rear giving her a bad case of the sticky buns.
by Cary the B May 05, 2006
Dried crusty ejaculation residue resulting from the arousal of a pet resting on your lap-can be be a solo or group endeavor.
My friend Mike came to work with Dynak on his jeans and a picture of his dogs in his wallet. The president of the company made him remove all pet pictures from his office from that day forward.
by Cary the B May 17, 2006
The maximum weight a girl can attain and still be attractive to men cruising for tail
Chicks above 120 can no longer be considered "pick-upable" as they have exceeded their maximum cruise weight.
by Cary The B November 09, 2012
Male version of the camel toe. Caused by tight fitting clothing outlining the penis and balls. Found in males and transsexuals wearing Spandex, Speedos and tights.
While a camel toe is a thing of beauty and wonder, a pitchfork is a vulgar display of a man's frank and beans
by Cary the B August 01, 2006
When the material from a tight t-shirt melds to the mounds created by fat rolls on the breat, stomach or underbelly of a fat man
Very few men dispaying a polish camel toe ever get to experience a real one.
by Cary the B July 13, 2006

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