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Toilet paper or tissue used to wrap up your dick after sex. It keeps your drawers from being soaked from ur own jizz.
After screwing that trick last night I went in her bathroom to get some tissue for a dick wrap.
by Cartright August 14, 2005
Also referred to as a quickie.
I couldn't stay long at Javonda's crib long cuz' her baby's daddy wuz comin' home from pimpin'. So I just gave ha' some snack dick.
by Cartright August 14, 2005
v. 1)hook me up.
2)someone has given you a great deal
on something

Also: Sometimes referred to as getting your dick juiced.
The bartender has juiced my dick all night; I haven't paid for one single shot!
by Cartright July 29, 2005
A commonly used term in bars, nightclubs, etc.. for having someone hook you up with drinks, food, or bitches. It can also be used in past tense as having you 'dick juiced'. It can used generally for receiving something for FREE.
Say trick, could ya' juice my dick and hook me and da boys down wid some table boogy fo' free?

Last night at da damn titty bar, ah' gots my dick juiced by Sunshine and da damn bartender!
by Cartright August 14, 2005
A male that is just an absolute cock, asshole, prick, etc...
Man, did you see Tyrone come in here and smoke my last bowl? "What a cool dick!"
by Cartright February 11, 2007

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