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When body hair (usually on a male, but we will leave that open just in case) escapes the boundaries of the appending shirt collar, shirt sleeves or tee-shirt neck like a spider creeping out of it's hiding place.
Kimberly: Did you notice Fifi's boyfriend Terry had ChestSpiders escaping when we were all at that bar the other night?

Amber: Eeeewwww, yes I did! Imagine having to sleep with him! Yuck.
by CartelKids January 21, 2010
A person that follows a follower.

Sheep Stalkers don't even make the effort to mooch along with the herd, they are rather like the dags on a Sheeps wooly bum and just tag along with whatever.
Hey Leon what are you and your mates doing tonight? I thought I might just tag along? Elmo mate you are just a Sheep Stalker!
by CartelKids May 06, 2010

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