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2 definitions by Carsen Tyler

She was a companion of the Fourth Doctor, who was randomly left when he went to Gallifrey. Who eventually ran into the Tenth Doctor at a school, which they blew up. A few months later she ends up with a neighbour named Maria, they have an adventure, and end up with Luke, an archetype of humanity. She adopts Luke, and now that she is a mom, we can all give her the label of MILF, because well she is hot and very much kick ass.
Damn that Sarah jane Smith is HOT!!!
by Carsen Tyler February 15, 2009
A method of doing school work based on the quote by Ernest Hemingway, "Write drunk; edit sober." This can use any method of inebriation be it drugs or alcohol, you just can't be sober. This tends to work best when you have time to sober up and edit the essay.
I really couldn't get any inspiration for my Sociology mid-term, so I resorted to the Hemingway Method. Surprisingly enough drunk me is filled with ideas, I got an A, mind you my friend you must have time to sober up before you turn in the essay.
by Carsen Tyler March 12, 2012