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Town in Rockland County. AKA "Jew City". Middle schoolers hang out at Town, high schoolers you will never see, and nobody cares about the elementary kids. Northern New City consists of the Jappy Jewish kids, In the middle are the middle class (except for new city gardens and the condos, where all the Mexicans live), and southern new city where people that go to south live. Everyone in New City wears Abercrombie or normal attire, and anyone that is different will get made fun of. The Japs everyone HATES, they just don't know it. They live in huge houses, have a million other jap friends, spend summers in expensive camps, and wear rolling stones shirts. FAIL. Average Jap: Sow Lows, Messy Bun, and Northface jacket or batmitzfah sweatshirt. Their names are usually Nicole, Amanda, Jennifer, Jessica, Allison, Marissa, Samantha, Ect. Boy Japs are losers. They have such rich families but do crack and are complete slackers. They think they are so "ghetto". Japs in New City are hated immensely. Some cool kids live in New City, But only %5 of the population. This all sounds so stereotypical, but that's what New City is based upon. Stereotyping. The end.
*girl walks in with tye dye pants and north face*
Goth Kid: Damn new city Jap.
by Carry Underlord June 29, 2009

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