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"Ginger" is a name given to a homosapian with ginger hair. "gingers" can range with a variety of hair shades e.g. Auburn, Strawberry Blonde & Firey red. NATURAL GINGERS have golden highlights & lowlights in their hair. "gingers" without the highlights tend to have dyed it ginger. Gingers are by fact, quite short tempered and aggresive. I am aswell, but i try and control it. What the youth of today don't realise is that gingers DO have souls and are NOT creatures of the night & so on, and so forth. That is infact and LIE brought to attention by south park. Some tan, some don't, some have freckles, some don't. Just because people say they have to refer to a certain skin tone and or appearance, doesn't make it true. We do have feelings aswell. Aswell as this, gingers are well known to be quite slim, and sexy, or cute and bubbley. Or all four. ANyone who picks on a ginger, are normally jealous of our indevidual/unique look. AND NO! OUR GINGER RACE IS NOT IN DANGER OF EXTINCTION!!! there are more of us than you think... Most dye their hair a different colour because of people who bully them about it...
Blonde: *Hahahahah* Look at CARROT TOP"

Ginger: *breaks legs* I'd rather be ginger than an idiotic bimbo like yourself.
by CarrotTopMonsterrr November 05, 2010
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