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Known for Quahogs, the best seafood, clams bakes, and sailing around the Narragansett bay. Also known for tall ships and wicked awesome beaches (and some which you can find sea glass on)! We like tourists except for Massholes over the years of Mass being jealous of our beautiful landscape and independent nature. If one knows better they will not F*** with a Rhode Islander with our lengthy history of Privateering and doing what ever the F*** we want to do.

Also known for using the F word religously/frequently.

Where the forest meets the ocean-that is Rhode Island...

Excellent Italian dishes as well as seafood where ever you go. I do recommend staying farther south when visiting Rhode Island because the farther North you go, the closer you get to Massholes that screw everything up, and have those ugly license plates. Unless you are on your way to Maine, and in that case you must pass through the Masshole state.

We've got blinkers, and bubblas, and sometimes don't pronounce our R's.

Name Rhode Island came from it either resembling the Isle of Rhodes in the Mediterranean sea, or due to fact that Newport is like a road, long and skinny.
Rhode Islander: I hope you did not pock ya cah fah, because we have a lot of groceries to carry.

Foreigner: Excuse me?
by Carrie Fleetwood September 08, 2007

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