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A verb used to desibe the act of pursuing a goal-which may be descibed in terms of either an abstract or concrete noun
1. Sheeyte it's foh in the moanen and I gotsta go to work at seven, I godda gidadit

2. Damn, she fly! Yall, leave that one alone cause I'm bouto gidadit
by Carrie Croff January 21, 2004
Can you say "INNAY" as in Narcotics Anonymous
Dude while I was on house arrest I ordered some pizza and paid the pizza-chaffeur some extra nuggets to stop by Walgreen's for a high risk drug transaction involving the purchase of some 100% pure, "the stuff that killed Elvis", Robitussin caplets where 20 kapzen yo AZ means more than you got blasted it means you be robitrippin.
by Carrie Croff January 21, 2004
One who covets
Now, don't be a hater just cause I know how to break it off proper.
by Carrie Croff January 21, 2004
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