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one who is fatzer than a pumpkin (does include extrememly small pumpkins)or someone who is a fagtardey-cankle-ridden-obese-mofo.
Tom, am I fatter than a Pumpkin?

God, yes.
by Carri-and-Maddy October 22, 2004
Homedawg; extended version of home slice.

But far cooler.
God, you look like a retard crappants throw those fugly glasses away, and be my homeslicer again.
by Carri-and-Maddy October 22, 2004
ones head that is remarkably shaped like a chode or is someone who is a fagtard or retrded moneky. Basically a wreched friggin idiot.
GOSH!!!! Napolean Dynamite is so NOT a chodehead, crow!
by Carri-and-Maddy October 22, 2004
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