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The whole number that comes directly after the whole number 336, but directly before the whole number 338.
Counting 336, counting 337, counting 338....
by Carrera's Wedge June 14, 2007
Another name for Cigarettes.
Don't start smoking death on a stick!
by Carrera's Wedge June 22, 2007
A phrase used to imply that someone is really cool, awesome, and amazing. This person is pro at life. He/She usually has a long list of talents, but is often known for one specifically. When a person uses this phrase to describe themself, they are a fag.

This phrase stems from the fact that on hot summer nights, people often flip their pillow over on to the other side because it is cooler since their body heat has not worn off onto that side.
Kyle got lucky and swished a shot from half court and /thought/ he was cooler than the other side of a pillow. Shawn however drains half court shots constantly and we all knew that it was Shawn who was really cooler than the other side of a pillow.

(I have written more definitions under the name "I listen to Indie Music")
by Carrera's Wedge March 25, 2007
To kill someone. Can be used literally or figuratively. Refers to how a dead person loses control of their limbs and flops around when moved. Seen in video games like Halo and Call of Duty.
I'll rag doll you if you ever try and say I'm gay again.
by Carrera's Wedge April 28, 2007
1. "Well." People often, but accidently, say this when they're talking to fast. Like when they're trying to talk their way out of trouble.

2. Others use say the word, "well" like this just to bug the hell out of other people.
1. Mom: "Why haven't you emptied the dishwasher yet?"
Child: "Welp, I didn't have the time to, you see...."

2. "Welp, that's just great."
"I hope you do welp in your baseball tournement."
"Welp I'm off to my nine to five.
by Carrera's Wedge March 30, 2007

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