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1. To be dead, refering to how ECG machines' little green line goes flat when someone is dead.
2. To kill someone, literally or figuartively.
3. To be retarded, metally challenged, stupid, dimwit, and/or dumb.
4. A game where people choke themselves to get the feeling equivalent to be high. Therefore, legally high. Also known at the Choking Game and Space Monkey(s).
1. "Doc, the patient hass flatlined!"
2. a) The marine flatlined the Iraqi terrorist.
b) "I'll flatline you if you tell my mom I got a 46 on my math test!"
3. "Did you just figure out that water is wet? Wow Flatline, you're a few fries short of a Happy Meal.
4. A lot of kids accidently kill themselves trying to get high while playing Flatline
by Carrera's Wedge April 28, 2007
Another variant of the game dodgeball (bombardment). It has all the same rules as regular dodgeball, except a changed rule for when players get out and in.

Players get out the same ways as usual. 1. Get hit by a ball. 3. Hit someone in the head with a ball. 3. Someone on the opposing team catches your ball. And 4. Steps out of bounds.

In Civil War Dodgeball, when someone gets out, they have to go up to the half court line and lie down. To get freed, they have to be dragged back by a teammate past a assigned line, usually the back court line. If the player is dragged back that far, they are back in. However, players dragging teammates are very prone to getting hit by dodgeballs, and often do. Depending on House Rules, if the player dragging their teammate back is hit, that "dragger" has to go to the half court line and be dragged back. In some verision, the person who was being dragged has to go back to the halfcourt line, and in others, the the person who is being dragged stays where they last were when the "dragger" gets out.

Some people have multiple people go up and drag a teammate back to the line. With these extra people, they can drag their teammate back extra fast.

Also, in another verision of this verision of dodgeball, people lie down where they are hit and have to be dragged back to the line, which is usually the back court line.
I got out in Civil War Dodgeball yesterday. Chavez was dragging me back when he got hit. Then Rachael tried to drag me back. She got hit. Then Vincent tried to drag me back. He got hit. Finally, Louis managed to drag me back. Back "alive" and in the game, I avenged Chavez, Rachael, and Vincent and then dragged them back so they were back "alive."
by Carrera's Wedge March 30, 2007
A way of saying that's your skipping Church to sleep in.
Oh, man. I was up all night playing Halo 2 on XBOX Live all night long. I think I'll be going to Saint Bedsheet tomorrow for Church.
by Carrera's Wedge March 17, 2007
A variant of the phrase "All that and a bag of chips." Implies that someone is really cool, a beast, and talented. A stud
Johnny thinks he's all that and a box of saltine crackers cause he finally got his first slow danced. The girl however, looked like a pinched-face gorilla.

Ross is all that a box of saltine crackers. He can talk himself out of trouble with teachers, he is extremely sauve with the ladies, and has a straight a average.
by Carrera's Wedge April 06, 2007
The way some southerns pronounce the word "y'all." "Y'all" is a Southerner contraction for "you all."
"J'all wanna come on down t' Sugar Hill and square dance with my incest family?"
by Carrera's Wedge March 30, 2007
1. The black and white spotted dog that you often see riding firetrucks in kid's pictures.

2. The dogs in the movie 101 Dalmations (and spinoffs of) that the evil Cruella deVil wants to make a fur coat out of.
1. I saw a dalmation riding on the back of the firetruck with firemen as it raced to Glenwood Drive to put out a house fire.

2. It's a shame Cruella deVil never got /one/ of those dalmations in the movie. There were 101 to pick and choose from, a 101 to get. But noooo, her and her goonies can't manage to even get one!
by Carrera's Wedge March 22, 2007
A mixture of the word, "Whoa" and the phrase, "No way!" This interjection is occasionally used seriously, but most often used sarcastically and to mock someone at something they think is important or when that someone just realizes something obvious.
When someone just realizes something obvious and/or thinks it's important:
"Holy Cow! Water's wet!"
"Whoa way, I thought it was dry!"

When used seriously:
"I just rode that roller coaster over there that tops 120 miles an hour five times in a row!"
"Whoa way! How did you manage not to throw up?"
by Carrera's Wedge March 17, 2007

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