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2 definitions by Carolyn Steven

Calm Blue Ocean, when chanted, takes on the form of an entirely different word. Combluotion can be said in place of Calm Blue Ocean, even though the difference is very small.
"Okay, relax... think positive... Combluotion... Combluotion... Combluotion..."
by Carolyn Steven November 20, 2005
10 8
Nin-ja nin-juh
–verb, plural - Ninjas.
-verb past tense - Ninja'd

The word Ninja is rapidly becoming used as a replacement verb, which can mean virtually anything, as long as the subtext is clear.

This, of course, is not limited to actual Ninja behaviour... however, when one Ninjas, one must be ready to have others Ninja back.
We must go out and Ninja in the night.

I forgot to Ninja my pencil.

I could Ninja all day!

I could Ninja all night. (usually said with a wink and a grin)

He Ninjas better than any of them.

She and I Ninja'd pretty well at pool.
by Carolyn Steven October 24, 2006
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