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Related to the term doghouse.

A common deflection method used by the offending party to revert blame or guilt back to the offended party.

Used as a means to avoid accepting responsibility for making a mistake or a bad decision. Expressed by bringing up a prior conflict that is irrelevant to the current situation.

Can be used as a a noun or a verb.
As in, you are in the doghouse with your girlfriend but instead of saying sorry, you bring up something unrelated to get her in trouble.

"You shouldn't have done that."
"Well remember when you forgot our anniversary??"
"Don't try and put me in the reverse doghouse"
"Stop trying to reverse doghouse me!"
by Carolina Plantagenet January 30, 2012
An adorable combination of depressed and precious. Used to describe animals or people who are are dispassionate, malcontent, or grumpy, while maintaining an irresistibly adorable quality.
"Your dog looks so sad! But he's really cute." "Yes, he does have a certain tragic deprecious quality about him."
by Carolina Plantagenet June 09, 2012
A white girl who likes to hang out with brown guys. (i.e. a large group of middle-eastern, Indian or Persian men) In other words, the "token white girl" in a multicultural group.
"Call Jackie - we need our Vanilla to come out tonight"

"It would be great to get our Vanilla to break up this Browntown"
by Carolina Plantagenet May 02, 2011

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