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Young, incredibly talented American actor with big beautiful blue eyes. Primarily made famous as Frodo in The Lord of the Rings, but has done a whole load of movies. Happy, energetic, humble, crazy about music. Smokes like a chimney. All around great guy. O yeah, and real sexy too.
....and Elijah Wood!
by Carolina March 17, 2005
lindo, belo, charmoso, divino
ebAnGoddess a intocável beleza feminina!
by Carolina November 17, 2003
lacrosse, what most guys and girls do in farfield county. which is where i live. its baisically a kick ass sport. and the objective is to baisically kill people for the ball. the cool thing about lacrosse is you can hit people and wont get a penalty for it.
oh my gosh guys. i just got like like my 9876th lacoste shirt and like a new stick so like lets go play some lax like oh my god.
by carolina April 13, 2005
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