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Men who killed and stole for money to restore the ghetto, Community Restoration in Progress. Were the first killers in 1967, then in 1969 BLOOD's came out as a defense group, hence the OD (Of Defense) in BLOOD. Now a bunch of little kids who want to go around fighting people for wearing the color red and not navy blue who also claim their parents to be a member, as well as their whole family, to make it seem like shits real.
"Yo let's go get dem boyz dey be in red, i hate dat colur."

"Ain't you a bitch?"

"I dont giveafuck nigga, he be in red and my bf a crip he shoot em dead on my word."
by Carol City Boy March 24, 2005
Victimized For life, basically anyone who is a major loser that usually dates people 5-6 years younger than them even in teen years and pretends they're the coolest thing to hit Earth.
Rodney is mad fucking VFL, if we hit up his party 6 cars deep we'll be 90% of the party, the rest will be in elementary school.

Isn't Rodney 19?

by Carol City Boy March 16, 2005
Usually used by people from Brooklyn who have stepped out of their turf and are liable to receive a giant ass-kicking as well as their three other BK friends down in the dirty dirty.

Also a Blood Killer.
Yo dat nigga over der be from BK lets talk to em and become his homeboy. Oh shit, hurr come dem dirtys.
by Carol City Boy March 24, 2005
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