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24 definitions by CaroL

body part that a lot of famous people grab on stage
hey bob is that guy sqeezing his nuts?
by carol November 25, 2003
217 122
From the show Yu-Gi-Oh!, he is also known as Dark Bakura and Yami no Bakura. He is the evil spirit that resides in the Sennen Ring. In both the American and Japanese versions of the show and in the manga Ryou (Dark Bakura's host) is known also as Bakura. But for most people who read/write fanfiction they know him as just Ryou
Mmm Bakura is sooo hot!
by Carol February 27, 2005
102 15
the yellow stuff some people let out when they laugh
sometimes i pee a little
by carol November 25, 2003
146 77
Crazy haired guy from Yu-Gi-Oh!. Could be referred to as Malik (the host of Marik), or Mariku. Marik could be the dark side of Malik, whose crazy and wants to kill everyone. Or Marik could be just normal Marik who wants just to kill the pharoah. Whichever way you want to say it you can. The names that are chosen in fanfictions varies between the two
Marik's back to his old crazy antics
by Carol February 27, 2005
84 24
yanking your chicken, choking the chicken. masturbating.. for a man.. yankin the wanker
He slaps the salami before a big date..
by carol April 04, 2004
47 9
The best baseball team in the world, Has won Nine World Series Titles, Second in all of baseball to the Yankees. They have the best lineup, defense, and offense, BUT THEIR PITCHING SUCKS!! GO REDBIRDS!!!
red wings suck
by Carol April 09, 2004
207 174
A brunette that is bleached.
Bleached Brunettes are not Blonde.
by carol December 21, 2004
49 29