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3 definitions by Carnitos

Past tense of, draw.
This is my friend Drew, you know... like draw but past tense.
by carnitos February 23, 2010
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to be deep in thought or daydreaming about random thoughts or ideas (particularly music video choreographies and dance routines.) Although physically present; the individual is mentally unavailable and often VirginiaWolfing.
Roman heard the new Janet Jackson single and has now mentally left our presence while he is Watching Videos about all his ideas for the song's choreography.
by Carnitos July 21, 2008
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The process of mindlessly pondering about an idea/thought or daydreaming to a level in which the subject has temporarily entered a kind of trance where his/her surroundings are ignored.
Eventhough I am speaking directly to Roman, he seems to be VirginiaWolfing and therefore not acknowledging my presence.
by Carnitos July 21, 2008
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