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4 definitions by Carmen Electra

The best thing on the internet. Slick, occasionally silver-tongued rogue. Apparently very good-looking in real life.
Sure, he's hot, but he's got nothing on mazza!
by Carmen Electra February 10, 2005
95 73
6'5" tall, 240 lbs, hairy back and large CDG (Cum Dumpster Gut)
Cassie, and Parch did her.
by Carmen Electra December 09, 2004
15 25
One who can capture your flag when you are getting juggled in your respawn by your teammate.
Omfg he ownZ. He must be a playa13#%@$%^$@^
by Carmen Electra August 11, 2003
5 22
One who likes gay maps and has a brain the size of Gifin's.
WtF? What an ironhide.
by Carmen Electra August 11, 2003
2 35