24 definitions by Carmen

the smartest and silliest baby ever. (boys name)
hiva and carmen gether ever!!!
by Carmen November 27, 2004
When you are pranked, you have been prank-a-tizzied.
by Carmen September 14, 2004
We Want Jack Daniels
The college party-goers were craving the alcohol promised and so begain chanting, "W.W.J.D.!"
by Carmen November 08, 2003
a sexual act done between two people
did you commit a bunky with your gf?
by Carmen January 23, 2005
Skeets the thin pant suits the make a skeet noise when you walk.
I got new Nike skeets yesterday
by Carmen April 12, 2004
Those wierd big and fluffy pants that came from the 80's, you know when everyone had those really bad hairstyles!
"omigod kelly look at her pants! aren't those parachute pants? arrrggghhhhh run away!!"
by Carmen December 17, 2003
When you love someone, but as a friend, not in the romantic way.
Lub you, narf.
by Carmen March 16, 2004
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