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intransative verb /perk-iss/ 1. to lose connection while online
"Where's Stephen ?"
"Oh he just did a Purkiss".

"If you do a Purkiss again I won't be able to send you that E-Mail"
by Carmen+Rafiqi April 25, 2008
adj. /ching chang/ description of surface/object/charectaristic as uneven. Synonyms: "jagged" "rough"
"Your hair is very ching-chang today"."Those hills are very ching chang".
by Carmen+Rafiqi April 25, 2008
sing noun, /skruu-gul/ something/one that outwardly possesses the quality of being cute while being evil at heart.
"That exorcist girl is very scroogle".
by Carmen+Rafiqi April 25, 2008
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