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3 definitions by Carmelynn Cole

Monies paid even though you are no longer living with a former roommate/lover.
I broke up with that skeezer Lisa and moved out. But I'm a good guy so I'm still paying her apartimony.
by Carmelynn Cole December 02, 2006
186 118
The conveyor belt to nowhere that one has to walk upon to keep their body in shape, or in times of neglect becomes a place for clutter collection...
Damn, I have to get off the computer now and walk on the cursed dreadmill...
by Carmelynn Cole December 29, 2006
21 6
The emotionally bonding contract that one makes with their pet... that their relationship will last until death do we part.
I have entered into the state of petrimony with my cat Puff-Kitty.
by Carmelynn Cole December 21, 2006
1 1