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A vehicle purchased exclusively for the purpose of attracting foxy young women for one-night stands.
Rock Hershaft bought his Chevy conversion van for pounding pussy at the drive in. Yea, it's a Pussy Wagon alright.

"...we made love in my Chevy van..."

"...If this van's a rockin', don't come a knockin'..."

"...My name is Buck, and I like to fuck..."
by Carman Guya November 26, 2006
Two completely opposite phases for a middle-aged person (40-50), usually a divorced man. Opposite phases can appear identical to those who do not know the man in question.
Mid-Life Crisis vs. Mid-Life XTC (ecstasy)

Mid-Life Crisis: Divorced Middle-Aged man buys a Corvette Convertible to attract foxy young Gold-Diggers.

Mid-Life XTC: Poor divorced middle-aged man ends up with a hot young sweetheart who later buys him a Corvette Convertible.
by Carman Guya October 07, 2006
A car purchased exclusively for the purpose of picking up chicks. May or may not be a Corvette.
That fat, bald, middle-aged, divorced guy bought a Corvette Convertible just for the sake of picking up hot women. He hates the rough ride, and would really rather have a Buick or a Lincoln. He is not a true Vette man, it's just a Whorevette to him.
by Carman Guya October 07, 2006
A trupe (truck-coupe) of the 1970's.
Trupes live on in Australia (called "utes"). They have been absent from the USA market since the 1980's. the Subaru Brat trupe has been replaced by the Baja, the only bedan ever offered in the USA.
by Carman Guya December 10, 2006
Ford Motor Company devotes all of it's high performance energies to the V8 Mustangs, such as "Bullit", "GT", "Mach 1", "COBRA", and "GT500".

So what do you call a V6 Mustang with over 300 HP? The slang term is "King Snake".
The SHELBY CS6 is a good example of a "King Snake". It has a SuperCharged V6 making 350 HP.
by Carman Guya October 07, 2006
Truck/Coupe. A 2-door car-truck.
Examples of a Trupe are:
Ford Ranchero
Chevy ElCamino
GMC Cabalero
Dodge Rampage
Plymouth Scamp
VW Rabbit Sport-Truck
Subaru Brat

A 4-door car-truck, such as a Subaru Baja, is a Bedan (a Sedan with a pickup bed).
by Carman Guya October 07, 2006
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